mtg proxy–an experience from one of our buyers

So I’m new to the proxy world. I usually would just borrow cards I didn’t want to or couldn’t justify spending x00 on a price of cardboard. This is the most honest unbiased I can make it. Hopefully this helps out anyone thinking about pulling the trigger. I’ll try not to ramble. I live in the mid west of the US so your shipping may be different. Also as good as proxys are getting I suggest double sleeving. Dragon shield sealable sleeves are the best because people don’t know how to open them with out creasing the sleeve bad so it takes away from people opening your cards.

(Playable-mtg-proxy) Playable is very responsive. Shipping took a week from China. It came in a box. I appreciate the thought of shipping protection. I opted for the 28 dollar(US) upgrade so I had tracking and shipping faster time. Normal shipping would’ve been 7 dollars(US) and would’ve been around 3-5 weeks. My Order was a set of expedition shocks and fetches, Masterpiece Sol ring/Mana Crypt/Mana Vault, Gaea’s cradle Judge promo, Angus Mackenzie, Mox Diamond Foil FTV, unl Timeswister, and Bazzar of Baghdad. The Fast mana invocations were the EU printing with matte picture and text I didn’t know that there was a variation. I don’t mind that. Expeditions look amazing. Everything else was incredible but the Mox Diamond. The Mox Diamond was extremely shiny on the back more than you can wear down on carpet. Also it don’t have the “double rainbow” effect, it had a normal foil so I won’t be playing that in tournaments. Everything else though was amazing especially the expeditions holy shit the feel real look and pass every test. He also threw in an extra foil sacred foundry and Judge promo flusterstorm.

I can’t express this enough if you don’t care about the shipping time or cost or expedited shipping, Playable is unbelievably amazing I will definitely be buying my bulk orders though him. Grade A

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